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So lately I have been thinking a lot about kicking my calories up about by about 400 to hit 4000. What does this change? Adding 400 will surely put me on a faster weight gain pace. In the past its usually been about 4000 calories for me a day to gain 1 pound a week. However it also means I will destabilize my bodies current balance. I really am on the fence with this one because even at 3600 I am still making gains , but I still have abs while bulking up!! In fact better shape than they were when I was calorie depleted in the summer. I think ima give it till the end of December and then decide what to do with my macro intakes. Maybe I should start eating more cheat meals or something to switch up my metabolism. Maybe weight gain will come easier now that my schooling is at a tail end. We will let start of 2013 decide.

weight gain

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I kind of miss NHL hockey now. Throughout my life i have followed different sports at different times. most have came and gone; this list includes MMA , boxing , football , futbol , and bodybuilding. Only one sport has captured my attention for many a years , and that is hockey . Is that maybe because I live in Vancouver, a hockey city? I must say though, canucks are not my favorite team. I have been a Colorado avalanche faithful for nearly a decade. Even in these tough times for Colorado, I still stand by my team. I Wish this lockout didn’t happen because I think its going to stall the young movement momentum that Colorado has built up over the past 4 years since the departure of several franchise faces. What ever it is, I’m itching to find out, but I don’t think hockey will be back this season .


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Its that time of year again for Wikipedia, when Wales’ plea for donations begins. Wikipedia solely relies on donations to run and I am happy that people over the years have donated to Wikipedia to keep it free for other users. I honestly plan to donate when I can afford it , but for now I am just a free user.

I was interested in what people had to say about Wikipedia donation runs and came across crowds that were on both sides of the fence, with more people on the donation side however. The main opposition to Wikipedia asking for donations is Wikipedia just having advertisements on their website. I personally am in favour of keeping Wikipedia the way it is, advertisement free. It is sort of a horrifying thought, that documents could be plastered with advertisements. While that may not seem like a strong point, it is tough to elaborate on; Alls I can say is it does not feel right.

RE: Legs Day

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Last night I could not sleep and that was probably the dark coffee’s fault; the one I had approximately 3 hours before sleeping. On a side note, I do not normally use semi colons and I hope I just used it correctly there! Anyhow, as I was lying down it popped into my head that I had forgotten to write my blog for the day. Of course at this point I was thinking, “I really need to sleep” because I like to sleep strictly soon after eating meal 8 of the day, so my body does not spin and waste energy before the 7 hour long fast (which is sleeping). I realized I was not going to fall asleep however, so I decided to quickly write a blog. If you look at my previous blog, it is empty and I wish I could explain why. After writing and publishing about heavy leg lifting and complaining about people who hog up the squat rack for extended periods of time, I found that none of the content I wrote was actually saved into the blog! This of course had me a bit infuriated. I had spent 5 minutes trying to view the website differently to try and find out what happened to my ghost text, but to no avail. I truly do wonder what went wrong. I wrote the post using my Android Nexus S phone, on the mobile website. Was my 3G connection just bad? Did my browser (chrome) hiccup? Or did experience service troubles at around 10 last night? Any ways, Blog: “Thursday Legday” is the blog that got away. Today however, is Thursday, so it really is legs day. My goals for today: 405 for 4 on the squat, a maxed out leg extension for 6, and stiff legged deadlifts at 315 lbs for 6. I just know I wont be able to walk tomorrow.. 

Thursday leg day

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I think it is now roughly 4 weeks into my second bulk cycle. I am far too happy with my results this year still. I feel like I am hitting a peak every week, but I also feel like I can push further and break those peaks and I in fact have been. I guess the proper word for that is motivation. My motivation is at an all time high. I’ve never been this motivated since I was 20 in the gym packing 40 over 30 . I feel like I can carry this through till summer when my calories start to drop. Then again, I think one reason to blame for the motivation boost is a far easier school Semester. The only time of the day I feel my motivation is still not peaked is in the morning. I used to be able to pop out of bed at 7hours of sleep with zero regret and struggle. That unfortunately has not been the case Lately haha. It has been getting better though , I guess its just because I have been getting tired of cooking every morning !

car windows

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It really hurts the pocket when your car window gets smashed over night. Its crazy having to pay a 300$ deductible for doing nothing wrong, other than having your car outside in the trust and safety of the general public. I wish our insurance corporation (notice no plural) would support the idea of at least one free window replacement a year like many other companies do. I wonder how crazy this winter season will get in terms of accident claims and similar cases as mine. I know I will likely be sticking to transit due to the loads of expenses required to handle the car.

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From 16 years old onwards, I have worked outdoors. Working outdoors is seen by many as good and bad, with the main variable being the weather. During the Summer it is great because you are always getting fresh air and sunshine, etc. During the Winter most see it as dead, cold, and rigid (oxford comma =]). I personally am okay with the cold and I think that may be because I have built such a tolerance for it because I have many years under my belt with dealing cold whether for extended periods of time. I dare almost say, I prefer the cold whether for my work environment. The only thing I cannot stand is when it rains in the cold whether. It seems that all my solutions for heavy duty rain have failed me in the past, so I have viewed it as a lost cause unless I decide I want to invest some real money into some real rain gear.  Anyhow it brings me to one noticeable staple of my fashion, which is the flip flops and shorts. People always wonder how I wear shorts so often even in 0 give or take 2 whether. I always have to tell them I am used to the cold and that my legs are massive and already generate enough heat. But this brings me to another point! So far this winter season I have worn a lot more jeans, but the reason is merely because my legs are small enough to fit jeans reasonably now. So I may as well take advantage of this time, right?

blogging and micro blogging

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Having to keep up with a blog was a cool idea for this technology writing course, however I think it would be interesting if the class accounted for the micro blogging phenomenon. I would have been much more on top of this blog game had twitter or something similar been an open alternative. I say this, because for those of us who do not have a specific audience or specific topic in mind, we may not always have the ideas flowing to write about. I found that on some days I felt I could write 5 posts and on other days, barely half a post. Integrating twitter into the scheme of things would offer students a lightweight way to share something. Even throughout a slow day, something may come to my mind, but I may not be able to fill out an entire post, nor would I be able to get straight onto wordpress right away (feels a lot more clunkier working with it should compared to twitter). Whereas with twitter, I could easily make 3 keystrokes on my phone, throw down some text, and 1 more stroke to finish the post. It also allows for creativity dealing with the fact that you are limited to something like 130 or 140 characters per post. Anyhow, I hope it seemed clear that this wasn’t a rant or an attack on full blown blogging. I just thought having twitter would have been a great idea.